Wednesday, 1 March 2017

New King of Fighters XIV DLC coming soon...

At the risk of turning this blog into a KOF XIV newspaper, I decided it was quite timely to quickly mention this cool news given how I finally got around to putting my thoughts on KOF out there in the last post. It's not like I have a huge audience to piss off with rubbish content anyway is it? LOL etc. Anyway - to be serious-ish again - SNK recently announced some new incoming DLC for KOF XIV which I'm pretty excited for. Two new stages will be available for starters: FREE remakes of Terry's Fatal Fury stage and the KOF '97 Monaco stage. New costumes for Angel, Kula, Sylvie and Meitenkun will also be released but the BIG news is...four new characters! As if KOF XIV was short on characters! Let's throw some more in.

Obviously there are some character silhouettes shown in the trailer but who will they be? Logic states that at least two will probably be brand-new characters to the series but can I dream about who I'd actually want? You bet! Let's do this...

Monday, 27 February 2017

The King of Fighters XIV vs Street Fighter V

So I've been promising to talk about The King of Fighters XIV for a long while now (especially given how I wouldn't shut up about it in the run up to the game's release) and since I've also recently (as in just after Christmas) finally picked up a copy of Street Fighter V, I thought I'd do them BOTH at once in a sort-of face off. It's probably better that I discuss them now anyway given how both games have been majorly updated since their initial release(s); KOF now has the v.1.10 patch which has given it a serious graphical boost and Street Fighter, actual content? We'll see about that. Anyway, I'm here with an awful photoshopped intro image and some random ramblings presented as "discussion" so without further ado...FIGHT!

I'm going to begin with Capcom's offering because a) it's the most recent of the two to occupy my PS4's disc drive and b) I'm actually pretty underwhelmed by it despite expecting a botched product beforehand. I waited for this game to come down in price given how barren it was at launch and so I ended up paying £17 for a brand-new copy from Amazon. As a big fan of fighting games, I had naturally been following the amusing disaster that was SFV's first year on sale so I had COMPLETELY expected a disappointing product but even so, I surprised myself with just how pissed-off I was with my heavily discounted game. This is an F2P or Freemium game disguised as a retail release as far as I'm concerned. You get a bare-bones product on a Blu-Ray disc with all of the extra characters, costumes, stages and even colours closed off unless you buy them with real money or SFV's in-game currency. This means that all of the extra stuff added since release (which should make for a more complete product) is just DLC. Not impressed, especially after waiting on a 10GB+ update that took three days for my slooooooow internet to deal with. Now if this game had been sold as a F2P release (like Tekken Revolution) then nobody would have had a right to complain but Capcom chose to release a £50 disc, tell us that it was a "game" then sell us the rest later when they'd finished it.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Power Rangers 2017 Movie Trailer...

So this is only my second post of the year but for good reason. Thus far, 2017 has been a bit of a crap year for me so I really haven't felt like bloggin' recently. That aside, there's nothing better than a naff movie trailer to spur a writer into motion so I felt that I had to share my disgruntlement with my huge moderate tiny desperate (though very much appreciated) readership after watching THIS...

What the f*** is this?!? Now I know, I know...the original show was an utter cheese-fest and looks even worse today, doubly so once you watch a few episodes of Super Sentai and realise just how poorly stitched together the US version of the show was. And I KNOW that people like me probably can't have our critique of remakes trusted when we constantly berate remakes but come on; this trailer is complete BALLS. I do detest remakes and I will freely admit that but there have been some good ones. Problem is that the majority are a) cash-grabbing exercises in squeezing money from a famous name b) creatively bankrupt in both their execution and very existence or c) the same thing just with added modern bling such as mobile phones, current music and whoever is "hot" right now in Hollywood. Oh and they tend to have CGI vomited all over them.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Recent Purchases #5 inc. a crazy new year purchase...

First of all, I hope everybody had a great Christmas and a happy New Year. Let's make sure that 2017 is a great one.

I haven't posted about my purchases for a long while now (the recent Playstation Vita acquisition aside) and that's because there simply haven't been any. I may post my personal thoughts on why I've slowed down and sold off a good chunk of my collection but that will be for another time. For this post however, I have one Christmas gift to show and then an insane purchase bought with my own money...not an insane product but definitely something I thought I'd never actually buy considering my well-documented rants aimed at the release of the game in question. First up, the gratefully-received Christmas prezzie...

This was one of the few Wii-U titles on my "to get" list and probably one of my most anticipated. The Wii-U has a fairly small library of must-have games in my opinion but the density of the quality across that relatively compact range of software is certainly on another level compared to PS4 or Xbox One games so I don't really hold it against the platform. I only have a few others left on my wishlist including the likes of Devil's Third, Mario 3D World and Pokken Tournament.

But anyway, back to Paper Mario: Colour Splash. I will always buy these games as soon as possible because the Paper Mario sub-series of games has been a firm favourite of mine ever since the Christmas of 2004 when I got The Thousand Year Door for Gamecube and instantly fell in love with the humour, graphical style and lethal charm on display. Subsequent sequels have gradually declined in quality with the 3DS' Sticker Star being a notable disappointment for the way that Nintendo got Intelligent Systems to ditch the Paper Mario-specific characters and focus only on the mainstream Mario faces/enemies. The last game slipped up for other reasons too and I definitely felt deflated upon finishing Sticker Star despite still enjoying it for what it was.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Completed 2016 [UPDATE]

So I told a bit of a lie when I posted my list of completed games for this year and claimed that I wouldn't be finishing anything else in 2016. A lie or perhaps - to be more accurate - an underestimation of what I'd be capable of. To cut to the chase, I finished another game just before Christmas hits, that game being Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for Wii-U.

I miss these guys already...*sniff*

I've spoken about this game more than enough recently so to keep it brief, I really enjoyed what I played and it was definitely one of my top games of 2016. It was also a prime example of why owning a Wii-U has paid off in the long run. I loved the battle system, the music and even the characters. Probably not as much as I enjoyed the likes of Persona 3 but even so, I was a little sad to see the end credits roll and to leave everybody behind and that - in my experience - is the sign of a great RPG. I believe I clocked in at just under 70hrs but that could easily be beaten as I did a fair amount of level grinding, weapon levelling-up and just general wandering about, lost, during sidequests.

In summary, the pathetic censorship can still go and die but I'd recommend people play this regardless if they enjoy JRPG's or anything with a stylish, vaguely Persona-like vibe.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Played: Sega 3D Classics Collection (3DS) - Part 1

Format: 3DS     Also For: N/A
Developer: M2
Publisher: Sega
Progress: So far I've only really sunk meaningful time into Sonic, Altered Beast and Thunder Blade.

I posted a fair bit about the Sega 3D Classics Collection for 3DS earlier on this year and I was pleasantly surprised that it actually got a physical release here in Europe. Well I made sure to grab a copy right away and while my gaming time has been a little more restricted lately, I've still managed to give the compilation a fair bit of my attention. What I've decided to do is to just play a few games at a time rather than spreading my attention thinly across the whole set so here in Part 1 of my 'Played' feature, I will just be talking about the first three 3D Classics titles that I've had a crack at. And the first one? Oh dear...


I can't pull any punches here: this game is a load of shit. Now some gamers get the nostalgiac feels for Altered Beast and will try to defend its woeful gameplay by reminding everybody else that it's an old game and this is just "how it was" back then. Well I'm sorry but no, I don't buy that. I've played this game many times before on the Mega Drive and other compilations and every time I will be determined to give it a second chance, convinced that this time, I WILL 'get' it.

Except that I don't. I'm pretty sure that the only reason this game sees re-releases is because of it's legendary crappiness which has given it some comical popularity. It's clunky, limited and just incredibly dull in my mind. The best part is the awesome voiced speech as your character is resurrected from the grave to save Zeus's daughter and again when collecting power-up orbs. Never has the simple phrase "POWAH-UP" sounded so rewarding. That's it though. The combat is extremely limited, character movement too sluggish and there's just very little excitement at all. Special mention goes to your upwards attack which involves the main man lying on his back and kicking vertically upwards. What the f***?

I find it a difficult game too with enemies everywhere (moving much faster than you can), extremely strict collision detection and rubbish mobility considering that foes attack from head-on, behind, above and even below at times. This woman must be something special to wade through all of this crap for but I can't be bothered. Let the underworld have her. All I feel when I play Altered Beast is anger (because it's terrible) and disappointment (that something better wasn't given the 3D Classics treatment instead). Yet I keep giving it another chance? Must be on number 300,897 of those by now!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

A New Console joins the Family

For a long time now, I've been weighing up whether or not to buy a Playstation Vita. The games available on Sony's second handheld are exactly the sort of thing that floats my boat, I loved the PSP and I'm really feeling the Playstation love right now with how good the PS3 and PS4 have proved to be in terms of software. But when you're looking at spending £100+ on another handheld that you really probably don't have time for then one tends to put off such a purchase. After all, I still have loads of DS, 3DS and PSP games to get through (though thankfully much less after my recent clear-out) and the money that a Vita would set me back could be better used on other things. However, as you can see below, I finally succumbed and bit the bullet...

The main reason for just going for it this time was because I got such a good deal on this truly mint machine from a good pal of mine on a certain gaming forum. For little over £100, I got an original OLED-screened model (which I had preferably wanted over the newer, cheaper models) fully boxed with everything, two memory cards (an 8GB and a 16GB) and five games: Everybody's Golf, LittleBigPlanet, Borderlands 2, Lumines Electronic Symphony and Sorcery Saga. Admittedly, these weren't the sorts of games that I would have bought myself but for the price of the bundle, I had no right to complain. I will probably try out Everybody's Golf and Lumines for sure. The others I may sell on or not - I haven't decided yet.

In any case, I have plenty of cross-buy stuff already purchased on PS3 and PS4 (including bits of DLC) and the recent announcements of games like Windjammers and Garou: MOTW that will be compatible with Vita also make owning a Vita a timely purchase. I'm really into my Japanese imports too so I think we'll get along just fine.