Wednesday, 1 March 2017

New King of Fighters XIV DLC coming soon...

At the risk of turning this blog into a KOF XIV newspaper, I decided it was quite timely to quickly mention this cool news given how I finally got around to putting my thoughts on KOF out there in the last post. It's not like I have a huge audience to piss off with rubbish content anyway is it? LOL etc. Anyway - to be serious-ish again - SNK recently announced some new incoming DLC for KOF XIV which I'm pretty excited for. Two new stages will be available for starters: FREE remakes of Terry's Fatal Fury stage and the KOF '97 Monaco stage. New costumes for Angel, Kula, Sylvie and Meitenkun will also be released but the BIG news is...four new characters! As if KOF XIV was short on characters! Let's throw some more in.

Obviously there are some character silhouettes shown in the trailer but who will they be? Logic states that at least two will probably be brand-new characters to the series but can I dream about who I'd actually want? You bet! Let's do this...

Blue Mary

Because I've just started learning how to use her in KOF '98 and also because I've always thought she was pretty cool with some interesting moves. Plus, Terry needs his lady to keep him in check.


The obvious appeal aside, Jenet is quite comical and has some cool moves. She was always quite easy to play as in past games too which is another plus point. KOF XIV already has a pirate girl though so is there room for two? I know which one I'd prefer...

Neo Dio

About as likely as a highly unlikely thing but hey, we need some World Heroes love again. I think this guy is bad-ass so I'd love to see him again.


Because bad-ass female boxers are a rarity in fighting games and SNK put theirs into a sort-of retirement a few games ago. Bring her back! Vanessa managed to be hot but also somebody you wouldn't wish to f**k with. I'd like to see what her updated moveset might be like.

Serious/Shin Mr Karate

I certainly love my super-niche, never-gonna-be-brought-back characters don't I? Shin/Serious Mr Karate is probably one of the most fitting characters in that category and while he was seriously cheap in SVC Chaos, I'd love to see the return of triple screen-filling fireballs and explosive uppercuts.

Luise Meyrink

The forgotten Maximum Impact sub-series produced some terrible new characters that everybody wanted to forget (Armour Ralf? Hyena? Jivatma?) but one design that I always loved was Luise Meyrink's from Maximum Impact 2. She's totally got the KOF 'style' going on and definitely looks unique. Her fighting style wasn't the best but it had potential so I would probably like this character above all to be resurrected. It would be a waste for such a good design to be left in the doldrums with other Maximum Impact rejects.

So that's just my personal wishlist. Looking at the silhouettes, I'm pretty sure that I may be left disappointed but you never know. I think I can see Whip there and possibly Yamizaki as well. Hopefully we won't have too long to wait and I also hope that SNK surprise us with some left-field choices (hint: Luise Meyrink - make it happen!). I will definitely be looking to purchase whoever it is however given SNK's genourosity thus far.

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