Thursday, 27 April 2017

Yu-Gi-Oh: Dark Crisis (DCR) Sealed Blister Pack Case Opening

I made mention during one of my previous unboxings of wanting to get hold of some sealed Dark Crisis packs as it is one of my favourite sets from the classic era of Yu-Gi-Oh. The boxes aren't cheap though on account of the set being short-printed and trying to separate the legitimate boxes from fake/re-sealed/scaled product is tricky when you only have ebay photographs to work with. Luckily I noticed this sealed shipping carton/case/whatever you want to call it of Dark Crisis blister packs. For those that don't know, Konami used to waste a shitload of cardboard and plastic by also selling single packs on a big piece of card, intended to hang up on store displays or at the point of sale.

Since buying 20 of these in a box was cheaper on average than purchasing a 24 count box of booster packs, I elected to take a punt. I was also tempted by the fact that this was a genuine Konami shipping case with the original seal on it so it would be highly unlikely to be counterfeit or tampered with. Here is what an individual blister pack looks like:

The big question going into opening this box was that of the ratios. A sealed 24-pack box should contain 4 Super Rares and 2 Ultra Rares on average with one in two boxes holding a Secret Rare. I had no idea what the average ratio was for blister packs however it turned out to be near enough the same with me pulling 4 Supers and 1 Ultra in the end.

Sadly, it wasn't what I would describe as the best of openings but as I have said before, I'm fully aware of the risk you take when purchasing old, sealed products and the experience of opening up packs that are around 15 years old is worth it. The positive side is that I didn't previously own any of these foils. The downside is that I got two Butterfly Dagger Elma which seemed like a waste of a Super! Cost Down has some value to it (around £6-£10) so that was nice and in fairness, I'd been hoping to add Dark Master Zorc to my collection for a while now.

So: underwhelming? A little bit but I still enjoyed the opening. Even the commons from Dark Crisis are amazing with all the Archfiend stuff and the general dark nature of the card artwork around this time. Personally, this Labyrinth of Nightmare - Invasion of Chaos era which includes 6 sets is my favourite. This was when Yu-Gi-Oh was still all about ancient Egyptian-themed cards and dark, sometimes freaky artwork (which was often censored for us) and I miss this time. Newer cards can be extremely comedic or cutesy and I can't say I care for them at all.

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