Sunday, 23 April 2017

Yu-Gi-Oh: Legendary Collection 3 Yugi's World Box Opening x2

I've been wanting to grab a few of these cool boxes for a while now after seeing the awesome cards that you can potentially pull inside. Each box comes with a hard game board (basically a play mat), a pack of promotional cards and 5x 'Mega Packs". The best thing about these packs is that each one is guaranteed to contain a Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare card and with this being a MASSIVE set, there are so many reprints worth pulling in the higher rarities.

These boxes are getting harder to find now and so each one set me back just shy of £30. If you consider the potential resale value of any good stuff you pull then it's still a good price though. Certainly nowhere near as risky as buying a classic booster box. As you can see above, I had 10 packs in total to open and I think that I got some great pulls...

First of all, these are the cards that come in the promo pack. Strangely enough, one of the boxes didn't contain a promotional pack at all so I guess it was a factory error of some kind...definitely not the sort that you want! The Tokens are cool to have but the others I weren't really fussed about. I already have Dark Necrofear as a Secret Rare and while it was nice to get the epic Five-Headed Dragon, I do already have one in 'Gold' Rarity.

These were my picks of the pulls from the Mega Packs. I couldn't believe I got TWO Dark Magician of Chaos as Secrets. These easily sell for £8-£10 apiece on ebay so I'll be keeping one and selling the other. Same goes for the duo of Secret Rare Torrential Tributes. In fact, I've already sold the duplicate for around £4. My other favourites were the Secret Rare Card Destruction and Kings/Queens Knights. But yeah, the best card was definitely that Dark Magician of Chaos...


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