Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Recent-ish Purchases #6

Okay so in the last post, I promised "thought provoking" topics and not the usual crap about purchases and so on but here I am immediately breaking a promise. Worry not for I will begin work on better things shortly but I still intend to give some time to the "classic" types of content. I actually haven't bought many games or related items for some time now with many new releases of games I did actually want to play completely passing me buy (Tekken 7 and Valkyria Revolution to name two current-gen titles). In the last week or so however, I have picked up a few bits and also been on the receiving end of some incredible generosity so some new additions have found their way into my collection.

I'm going to start with the only brand-new, modern items which are...

In a shocking - but most welcome turn of events - TWO new Yakuza titles have been released this year. They slipped out with little fanfare as per usual but considering that the last few installments have really struggled to justify a Western release (and that Yakuza 5 ended up digital-only) it is very amazing to hold these two in my hand. Yakuza 0 is (as the name suggests) a prequel while Kiwami is a full-blown remake of the original PS2 game that kicked off one of my most treasured gaming series'. I still need to finish off Yakuza 5 on PS3 first so I won't get around to these for some time but I had no issue paying full RRP for these and supporting a most worthwhile cause.

Next up, somebody was crazy generous on a gaming forum that I frequent and sent me these Playstation games for absolutely nothing. I intend to write a post on the subject of generosity and the importance of gaming communities/connections soon so I won't talk about it too much here but to say I was bowled over would be selling the gesture short. Basically, this person offered to send me a copy of Tempest X3 but when they couldn't find the game, they still decided to give me all of these instead. These are great because I really love the 32bit era - specifically Playstation and Saturn games - so it should come as no surprise that I often like to give massive story-driven and open-world modern games the finger and play some simpler, more arcade-styled retro games. Of this quartet, I have only briefly played Overboard! (a bit of a cult classic) so I have some new experiences awaiting. The cases are a bit wrecked but I have spares anyway should I like any of these enough to add them to my collection permanently.

Somebody else also gave me this copy of Drakengard for free. It's not a series I've ever managed to play despite seeing it about here and there so I'm kind of interested to give this one a go. The games aren't (as far as I know) particularly rare or valuable but they also aren't frequently found in bargain bins or pre-owned stores and I can't remember the last time I saw either of the two PS2 installments outside of ebay. On a related note, this reminded me that there also a third Drakengard game on the PS3 that went largely below radar. I just had a little look to see what it was about and...er...damn:

Pretty sure I could just skip parts 1 and 2 and get straight to Drakengard 3, right? Unfortunately it would be pretty shitty of me to neglect the generosity I've been shown and not play the original that was sent to me, wouldn't it? *Sigh* Okay, okay...

I also came into possession of this sweet Fallout merchandise. I haven't played the games or anything so I don't really know a lot about them but I gather that this lunchbox-style tin with a sexy "Nuka Cola" lady adorning the front is either a promo item or part of a special edition. I do really like stuff like this that has been designed to look retro so it's a nice thing to have. Incidentally, this type of art was a large reason why I also adored the design of Bioshock back when I played that on the PS3 a long time ago.

That's it for now. On the whole, I am attempting to get rid of stuff that I own for the sake of owning rather than adding to the hoard so I shouldn't expect another purchases post for a while now. Never say never though!

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